If your business requires frequent internal moves & changes, Computer Relocations offer an efficient and cost-effective alternative to managing the moves yourself. We accept this activity needs to take place outside ‘normal’ office hours, and we do not charge our clients a premium for doing so. Chose either overnight or weekend relocations to help keep downtime and disruption to a minimum.

Having established the timing, frequency and size of the moves, a CRL project manager is assigned to your account. They will act as your ‘single point of contact’ and be responsible for producing a procedural document that, once approved by you, becomes the template for all future relocations. We will attend all planning meetings if required and will remain ‘on call’ for the duration of each move.

Our teams arrive in advance of a planned move, allowing time for a health and safety briefing and to complete any induction procedure. Working to your floor-plan, we will relocate your users accurately paying attention to the position of monitors, systems units, mice and keyboards. Computer Relocations will complete your move with speed and efficiency, without compromising the safety of your equipment.

If requested, your CRL project manager will attend a ‘lessons learned’ meeting to assist your IT staff with implementing any changes to processes or procedures.

  Internal Moves and Changes Internal Moves and Changes Internal Moves and Changes
We offer
  • Out of hours relocations at no extra charge
  • Fully insured and experienced PC engineers
  • Dedicated project manager allocated to every client
  • Free site survey
  • Procedural document created for each move
  • Correct number of engineers to achieve timescale
  • Every users preferences  recorded
  • PC’s, printers and telecoms equipment moved
  • All items recabled
  • Multiple TFTs reconnected to original ports
  • Equipment power-cycled to login status


Case Study

ACS was in the process of consolidating a number of satellite offices in to a single purpose-built location. During one weekend multiple sites were to be relocated to the new building, with employees needing access to their PCs first thing on Monday morning.

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