About Us

Incorporated in 2007, our key personnel have backgrounds in IT, electronics and logistics. By combining these skill sets, we are able to offer a service that encompasses all IT relocation requirements.

We approach IT relocation from an engineering perspective. Our staff have vast experience in technical support and data centre environments and understand the tolerances and sensitivity of the items we're entrusted to move.

Computer Relocations Limited is an equal-opportunities employer in a sector that has traditionally been seen as a male bastion. We apply an age, gender, and diversity (AGD) approach to all aspects of our work. Our policy is to appoint the best person for the job.

It's important to take a break from the artificial environment of data centres and comms rooms. We're all keen sports fans and our staff compete in a range of activities including cricket, rugby, rowing and fishing.

After Computer Relocations installed the kit in our comms room, we did not have to touch it again. Everything was patched, neatly, into the correct ports, the power feeds were split as per our instructions and the cable looms were tidily installed into the rack, with the cables labelled at each end for easy tracing.

Rikki Clark

Origo Financial Services

Computer Relocations is proud to offer services to both private and public sectors