IT Recycling & Secure Data Destruction

Ensure compliance

A full range of accredited recycling and data destruction services to help your business comply with all current legislation.

  • Computer Relocations WEEE Recycling Services
  • Computer Relocations Cable Recycling
  • Computer Relocations WEEE Recycling

What we offer

All staff are security cleared and items for recycling are relocated in secure containers.

Redundant assets are transported to a secure facility in unmarked and tracked vehicles.

Every item has their model and serial number recorded before being assigned for certificated data destruction and/or WEEE disposal.

Certificates of Data Sanitisation including serial number

On & off-site shredding of hard drives and all types of data-bearing assets

Secure collection & off-site data sanitisation

Asset tracking throughout the recycling process

Certified & documented to comply with current legislation

Fully compliant WEEE recycling services

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  • Computer Relocations Hard Drives Awaiting Destruction
  • Computer Relocations Onsite Disk Shredding
  • Computer Relocations Secure Data Destruction

The secure destruction of data is a vital part of protecting your business, staff and clients. In some cases the removal of data is sufficient, however as criminals employ more sophisticated methods to obtain valuable information, the physical shredding of hard disk drives, tapes and other data-bearing assets offers a more secure solution.

  • Computer Relocations WEEE Disposal
  • Computer Relocations Data Cable Removal
  • Computer Relocations Data rack & WEEE Disposal

On-site shredding

Using mobile state-of-the-art shredders, the process of physically destroying data-bearing assets can be completed on your premises.

Each item is scanned before being shredded. The model and serial number of every hard drive appears on the final compliance certificate.

We’ve used CRL for a number of moves in the UK and around Europe including cabling and recycling services. They’re professional, reliable and have always been able to accommodate any requirements/requests even at short notice. We’d not perform a data centre move without them.

James Cohen

Technical Operations Director, Affiliate Window

We can help with the secure & responsible disposal of your redundant equipment

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