Mutual life, Pensions and Investment Company

With over £13 billion of assets under administration and 2.5% of market share, our client provides independent financial advisors with the tools to thrive, from access to the widest range of investments and tax wrappers, to technical and business consultancy from their in-house experts.

How we helped

CRL was invited to a planning meeting to discuss the relocation of computers for 200 users. With equipment coming from two existing offices to a new location in the city centre, the project was due to take place in the lead-up to Christmas. We were familiar with the equipment, and had previously relocated IT from the same building for another client. Most of the pre-planning involved liaising with the local council to clarify which local roads would be closed to accommodate a Christmas Market.

Saturday relocation to minimise disruption to business

200 PC users allocated their own IT crate

Comprehensive pre-planning including liaising with local council

8 PC engineers working at 3 locations

CRL team working closely with client's IT team

Relocation completed 2 hours ahead of schedule

Starting at 08:00 on a Saturday morning, two CRL teams began the decommissioning and packing of user PCs on both the existing sites. A dedicated truck spent the day shuttling between locations delivering crated PCs to the new facility. A third team started the unpacking and recommissioning process and were later joined by the other teams. As each PC was reassembled, the clients own staff completed the process and confirmed connectivity to their servers

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Despite the logistical issues presented by hordes of festive shoppers, the final PC was reassembled at 17:00. The IT team still had some work to do but CRL had completed the physical PC relocation more than two hours ahead of schedule.

Over the past 3+ years, we have worked with CRL to complete a number of our office relocations, including our precious cargo, and it has been faultless.

A very professional & flexible approach with a keen eye for detail, safe decommissioning, packaging and re-installation works, the first number we will call for any future works.

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