Relocating Origo Services

Due to continued expansion, Origo Services asked Computer Relocations to assist with their move to the prestigious Lochside View Business Park in Edinburgh.

At a glance

Having previously used CRL for hardware relocation, on this occasion Origo took advantage of some of the new services we had recently introduced.

111 Data-bearing assets recycled

958 PCs relocated

37 Hardware devices + 2 SANs

111 New PCs installed

32 Locations

5 Express Technical Couriers

1002 Devices audited

Completed in 25 hours

Site Survey

Following an initial site survey to identify current hardware, our cable auditor spent three days tracing every cable and recording each connection. Once collated, the information was used to create a patch and port diagram which acted as the template for cabling Origo’s new facility. An updated version of this document was presented to the customer to be used as an aid for future support.

Pre Move

Prior to the move date, to minimise downtime, our rack wiremen produced looms of patch cables for each rack. Then length of cables had been calculated using the rack diagrams created during the audit. Each connection was pre-labelled and ready to be connected once the hardware relocation was complete. As the client had purchased new racks, we were in a position to pre-install some of the looms and await the arrival of the hardware.

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The Day of the Move

At close of business on a Friday, the first CRL team commenced de-cabling and de-racking hardware. Although the client was using all new power and patch leads, C19, SCSI and iSCSI cables were recovered. Prioritising critical devices, a second team moved the equipment to Lochside View and started the re-racking process. By allocating resources to both sites, and working simultaneously, the hardware relocation (which included servers and comms devices, SAN, UPS and racks) was completed around midnight.

The Results

Although the entire weekend had been set aside for the relocation, we always try to get ahead of schedule. The benefit of pre-cabling data racks pays dividends once the cablers take over.

Each connection was cross-referenced against the audit and the accuracy of its label confirmed. The reconnection of patch and power was completed on the Saturday afternoon and power-cycling commenced. The site was handed back to the client, leaving them the entire Sunday to test their systems in preparation for the arrival of their users on Monday morning.

Recycling, Standards, Certification & Compliance

To complete the project a wide variety of redundant devices were removed for recycling. All the data-bearing assets were wiped to US DoD compliant & UK CESG standards. A Certificate of Data Erasure and a WEEE compliance document were issued on completion of the project.

After Computer Relocations installed the kit in our comms room, we did not have to touch it again. Everything was patched, neatly, into the correct ports, the power feeds were split as per our instructions and the cable looms were tidily installed into the rack, with the cables labelled at each end for easy tracing.

Rikki Clark

Origo Financial Services