Computer Relocations has an excellent track record in attracting business from other IT-related companies. CRL was founded by IT engineers and did not evolve from the office relocation industry. We have always stuck to our policy of only moving IT and this is appreciated by our clients in the Tech industry, who feel that CRL shares their core values, including understanding of how sensitive devices should be handled.

Another new client whose business is providing cloud and managed services. Having been asked by their customer to manage a relocation from Corby to Birmingham, PCS turned to Computer Relocations to ensure the safe delivery of the clients critical IT. As is so often the case, to minimise disruption the move was planned for a Saturday morning, a ‘no cost’ option offered by CRL. Our engineers had travelled to Corby the night before and we’re in position to start de-racking as soon as the devices had been de-cabled. Having been loaded in our purpose-built rolling server cases, the equipment was secured in our vehicle and delivered directly to site. As the client was undertaking a rack redesign, we were not required to de-rack, so the devices and associated rails were placed in a safe area ready for installation. The move from start to finish had taken less than 5 hours.

Having competed a rigorous supplier qualification process, Computer Relocations is invited to conduct a site survey for a London Borough planning a move in July. As the technology is utilised not only by the Councils administration department but also education services, a huge variety of IT equipment is involved including, servers, PC’s, white boards, projectors and printers. CRL engineers will attend numerous site visits prior to the relocation to ensure nothing is left to chance an all eventualities are covered.

Another technical courier relocation for a highly respected and successful technology solutions provider based in Farringdon. Their engineers needed our help to move 2 IBM servers from LDEX’s Oxgate Centre DC to Node4 in Wakefield as quickly as possible. Our engineer arrived at a pre-agreed time, loaded the devices in to a 8U server case mounted in to an estate car with air suspension and privacy glazing. Having pre-fuelled the vehicle, the load was driven directly to site with no stops en route. While the goods were in transit, the client was provided with an updated ETA and the devices we’re delivered ahead of schedule, being handed to a named recipient.

New installations of P2PE wireless credit card handsets in a York and Leeds. Working with the hotels IT contractor, the Computer Relocations engineer installed and integrated new devices at the main reception, concierge desk, bars and restaurants. All devices are tested using real-time transactions to ensure the client is provided with a seamless transition with minimal impact on guests.

Site survey for a regular and valued client planning to relocate from their offices in London’s Bishopsgate to a newly refurbished facility in Houndsditch. Our client is always looking for dynamic, focused individuals who want to be part of a vibrant business model and this has led to rapid growth. Having expanded to occupy all four floors of their current building, it was now necessary to relocate to a single space capable of accommodating their 200+ users. Computer Relocations have worked closely with our clients IT department on numerous moves over the last few years, so we understand exactly what’s required.

The move will start on a Friday evening and CRL will plan to have all 200 PC’s in place and booted to a log-in prompt by Saturday evening. This will give the in-house IT team all of Sunday to complete testing before the users arrive at their new office on Monday morning. The site survey process ensures we fully understand our clients timeframe so Computer Relocations can allocate the resources necessary to complete the move on schedule. Although the office was in the process of being refurbished, we were still able to gather the information we required to complete a successful office move. Each user will be allocated a labelled IT crate, the delivery of which will be booked three days before the actual relocation. The correct number of engineers will be assigned to the job, along with sufficient vehicle capacity to prevent bottlenecks during the move. We understand our job is to provide a seamless transition for the users so they can continue to perform at maximum efficiency regardless of their location.