Data Centre Migration and consolidation

A very busy weekend for the Computer Relocations teams. Friday night saw us managing a project for one of our customers, to consolidate two server rooms from Central London locations to a single Data Centre in the City.

The plan was to start at 7pm, with CRL teams of engineers operating simultaneously on both existing sites. The teams were to de-rack, transport and re-rack their servers and also to relocate their data racks, fire safes and Plasma screens. We weren’t expecting too many delays later on in the evening in ‘The City’ but the entrance to the loading bay at the destination address just happened to be adjacent to a popular bar. So we encountered a small delay thanks to drunken revellers blocking the loading bay to the new location. Expect the unexpected, especially in London. Situation dealt with and still slightly ahead of schedule.

Despite some of these ‘challenges’ of moving equipment across London, with both experienced CRL teams now in one location, all the live production servers were re-racked and the new consolidated data centre handed back to our client 1.5 hours ahead of schedule.

Our client had taken advantage of the free site survey Computer Relocations Ltd. offers to all its existing and potential customers.

This relocation was the perfect example of the benefits of forward planning. If you’re considering a data centre relocation, or just want some advice, call us on 0800 182 2366 to arrange a free visit from a Computer Relocation project manager.