IT recycling and secure data destruction have become an important component in most companies strategic planning. Computer Relocations can provide a full range of accredited services to help your business comply with all current legislation.


The secure destruction of data is essential in protecting your business, staff and clients. In some cases the removal of data is sufficient, however as criminals employ more sophisticated methods to obtain valuable information, the physical shredding of hard disk drives, tapes and other data-bearing assets offers a more secure solution.

Using mobile state-of-the-art shredders, we can visit your business premises and complete the destruction process on site. With five DIPCOG, CESG and ADISA certifications for Secure Data Erasure and Physical Data Destruction Services and Equipment we can offer a service that meets all your WEEE recycling and secure data destruction compliance needs.

All staff are security cleared and items for recycling are relocated in secure containers.  The redundant assets assigned for data destruction and WEEE and IT recycling are documented before being transported in unmarked and tracked vehicles. Once processed a Certificate of Data Destruction is issued.

WEEE Recycling & Secure Data Destruction WEEE Recycling & Secure Data Destruction WEEE Recycling & Secure Data Destruction
We offer the following services to ensure your equipment will be disposed of securely and ethically.
  • Free site survey to document items marked for disposal
  • On-site shredding of data-bearing assets down to 6mm
  • Anonymous and tracked vehicles
  • Full asset tracking during recycling process
  • Collection from site, with all items secured within sealed containers
  • Secure erasure of all data on your data-bearing IT assets
  • DIPCOG, CESG and ADISA (Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance) certifications
  • Certificate of Data Destruction provided for all data-bearing assets
  • WEEE recycling services compliant with environmental and data protection legislation

Case Study

ACS was in the process of consolidating a number of satellite offices in to a single purpose-built location. During one weekend multiple sites were to be relocated to the new building, with employees needing access to their PCs first thing on Monday morning.

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