Professional cable audit and cabling services for server rooms and data centres, providing the accurate tracing and auditing of existing cable connections.

A cable audit detailing all the physical connections in your server room or data centre, is probably the most valuable related document you will need. With the existing physical connections not correctly labelled or documented, any re-cabling process becomes prolonged and extremely difficult.  Neatly loomed and correctly labelled cabling is a crucial part of any server room or data centre. It’s not only impressive to look at, it is more reliable and easy to maintain too.

Our engineers can trace all rack equipment, ‘host to destination’ connections and provide an easy to read audit spreadsheet. The cable audit will include the rack equipment, their individual physical port layout, graphically shown, with all the links to your servers, switches and storage and will become your future working document. It is easy to understand and modify as changes in the data centre occur.

Using the cable audit, all the correct cable lengths can be calculated and supplied. The new cabling can be provided with your chosen cable colour scheme and all connection ends labelled with either ‘Tags’ or ‘Flags,’ providing host and destination port connection details.

So whether its part of a relocation project or it’s just a cable re-fresh with new, professionally labelled cabling that is required, this service is essential for your Data Centre or Server room.

Our rack cabling and auditing engineers offer the following services;
  • The tracing and auditing of data cable physical connections
  • Audit of Equipment with physical port layout
  • Supply and installation of neatly loomed patch and power cables.
  • Colour coding for easy identification.
  • Laminated labelling ‘Tags’ or ‘Flags’
  • Replacement cabling and labelling service
  • Removal and recycling of redundant cables

Case Study

ACS was in the process of consolidating a number of satellite offices in to a single purpose-built location. During one weekend multiple sites were to be relocated to the new building, with employees needing access to their PCs first thing on Monday morning.

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